Julia, 32yo, Australian

What is Pilates Academy for me? Not only a Pilates studio, where can I have some workout sessions, but it’s first of all a place calling home. Every time I open the door of the studio, I can see the laugh and the smile of Cloe, and everything else (stress or anger) goes away. Pilates Academy is a place where I work on my body, in a safe way and without any fear, because my teacher knows me and my body perfectly, and she designs the best workout for me. In fact, in the past I was hit by a bus, and my back suffers nowadays. I have tried many others Pilates center in town, but in the last 7 years practicing Pilates I have never seen good results as the ones I achieved at Pilates Academy. The workout is very strong, but that is the best way to reach my goals and improve not only my body but also my knowledge about it. Pilates Academy is my sweetest moment of the day… the time that I decide to dedicate to myself, laugh, train and recharge my batteries. And Cloe is a prepared and careful teacher, not only on the movement side but also on the medical side, combine with passion and hearth.”

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