AERIAL PILATES – SilkSuspension™

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The SilkSuspension™ fitness program is comprised of 3 training modules – Fundamentals, Progressions and Challenges.
The first module of the course (SilkSuspension™ FUNDAMENTALS) teaches more than 100 exercises (including regressions and progressions) that serve as foundation of the repertoire and must be mastered before progressing. This course introduces students to the fundamentals of the Silk-Suspension™ exercise system and to the benefits of controlled instability on a dual suspension system to the neuromuscular functions of the body. Exercises target core strength, inner joint stability, proper biomechanics, balance, flexibility and coordination. Upon completion of this course, students will be ready to incorporate Silk-Suspension™ exercises into their practice and teach group classes or privates (three group class templates provided) designing fluid, functional workouts, with special attention given to how to create smooth transitions between the exercises.
For more information about the SilkSuspension™ PROGRESSIONS and SilkSuspension™ CHALLENGES Teacher Trainings, visit Courses will be scheduled upon request.

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