Victoria Roper

For those of you that don’t know me, I am a Sports Physical Therapist, Level 3 PT, STOTT Pilates instructor trainer and all-round movement geek! I have a passion for educating fitness professionals, therapists and movement enthusiasts about the body and how to achieve optimal movement.

After leaving university with a degree in Sports Physical therapy, I felt there was something missing from my practice. I was able to manually treat and rehabilitate patients just fine, but once the pain was gone, many of them ceased the movements that made them better. They were not remaining pain-free and becoming stronger than they were pre-injury. Secondly, they weren’t learning about their bodies.

During my clinical practice, I became a STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer and traveled internationally training future pilates instructors. This posting gave me the tools to teach students and clients body awareness, both as a rehabilitation tool and how to move optimally through functional and athletic movements.

I have been lucky enough to work with an array of both lifestyle clients and professional athletes, with team postings ranging from the Sydney Rooster rugby league to the British lions Rugby Sevens.

Now based in London, my focus and motivation is to help fitness professionals, therapists and clients improve their knowledge and understanding of movement on a deeper level. Not to mention achieving their fitness goals.

Moving optimally should be achievable for all!

The questions:

  1. How did you first get into Pilates?
    I first got into pilates as a way of rehabilitating my patients as I am a sports physical therapist. I now use a blend of traditional modalities and pilates based exercises to successfully rehab and prehab clients.
  2. How do you ensure you keep developing within the Pilates discipline?
    If I could, I would always be on a course. I love that the pilates world encourages CPD and everyone learns from one another, no matter their level of knowledge.
  3. What do you feel are the ways that Pilates helps your clients?
    I love to breathe work and feel that this really helps clients to reconnect with their own bodies in todays busy and hectic lifestyles.
    Engaging the correct muscles, at the correct time and for the correct purpose allows the body to function optimally. This not only allows clients to learn about their body’s as they go along, but also aides them to prevent injuries in the future as well as help themselves here and now.|
  4. Share your experience of teaching/being at Pilates Academy.
    It is literally heaven, especially the flagship studio, you’re above the clouds!!
    It is the most welcoming and friendly studio I have ever entered. Working out and gym style settings can be intimidating to some. The Pilates academy somehow totally eliminates that factor making working out fun and easy!
  5. Where can we usually find your teaching?
    Although I am based in London, I am lucky enough to travel internationally training and treating private clients, working with sports teams and athletes and also teaching my own brand of workshops to fitness professionals, therapists and movement enthusiasts.

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