Siriana career in fitness started almost 25 years ago, by teaching aerobics in my town, Italy. After about 10 years of teaching only aerobics, in the gym and in the pool, I started to hear and know about Pilates technique which immediately I fell in love with. In those years I got my first courses to become a Pilates teacher and only a few months later I began to offer pilates mat work classes in my hometown. When I moved to Dubai, in 2013, I decided to complete my studies and courses. I started the process and took all the courses from the beginning, taking also the opportunity to update my knowledge.

The strength of my work is, for sure, all the years of experience in the field.

What I learnt most is that whatever you do in fitness, is not only a matter to tone up bodies, make them stronger, or more flexible, but above all, is to make people enjoy the sessions, to relax, inspire others, to stay in shape and look good at any age and circumstances and even spend some quality time together.

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