Karyn LaVerne, MS

Masters in Kinesiology
Balanced Body Master Instructor: Pilates, CoreAlign, Anatomy in 3D, Barre and MOTR
United States Figure Skating Association Member of Hall of Fame

I was introduced to Pilates through Dance Medicine at St. Francis Memorial Hospital, as a form of rehabilitation from an injury sustained during my competitive figure skating career. As a nationally ranked figure skater, I had tried many different types of body connection and awareness training, yet during my rehabilitation at Dance Medicine, I experienced transformations in my body which allowed me to return to the ice stronger and more centered than I’d ever been. This “ah-ha” moment led me to find my true passion: Pilates.

Upon retirement from competitive figure skating, I began to study and teach Pilates. I have had the privilege of studying with world renowned Pilates teachers and specialists such as Diana Herold, Naomi Leiserson, Joy Puelo, Nora St. John, and Adrianne Wrightson. In 2015 I became a Pilates Teacher Trainer and a Balanced Body Master Instructor under the tutelage of Nora St. John.

  1. How did you first get into Pilates?
    After suffering an ankle injury, the surgeon suggested I try Pilates to help me with my rehabilitation. As a competitive athlete, I was unsure if something called “Pilates” would assist in my recovery. After the first session, I was hooked! It wasn’t long before I realized how beneficial Pilates was to my overall skating performance as well as in my life.
  2. How do you ensure you keep developing within the pilates discipline?
    As an instructor, we encourage and nourish our clients with intelligence and insight to help them become stronger. Those same principles apply to ourselves as instructors. Continuing to fuel my passion for Pilates, I’m always looking for new and innovative exercises or educational opportunities.
  3. What do you feel are the ways that Pilates helps your clients?
    The essence and movement principles of Pilates go hand in hand with an active lifestyle. From a competitive athlete to an 80 year old grandma who wants to stay active, the work of Pilates has something to offer everyone.
  4. Share your experience of teaching/being at Pilates Academy Dubai
    Teaching at The Pilates Academy of Dubai was an incredible experience. Not only are the other instructors and clients welcoming and open to new ideas and movements, each studio is furnished with the most up to date equipment and offers gorgeous views.I look forward to returning to Dubai to share and receive more Pilates knowledge and insight.
  5. Where can we usually find your teaching?
    As a Balanced Body Master Instructor I’m often teaching throughout the world at various studios and Pilates on Tours, yet, I call Sacramento California my home. When time allows you can follow me on Instagram at Karyn.laverne.pilates.

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