Anisha is of Indian origin, raised between the GCC and Australia. Since a young age, her passion has been split between movement and science. By day she was hunched over in the lab, achieving her Master’s in Life Sciences. By night, she was bending over backwards as a dancer.

Thinking that balancing one extreme lifestyle with the opposite was a brilliant idea, she continued this practice into her professional years. To compensate for her stress at work, she added a vigorous gym routine which included pumping iron and boot camp workouts.

Over time, this lifestyle led to a life-changing injury of three herniated discs in her cervical spine. Apart from the numbing pain, the worst part was the long list of activities that the doctor advised her not to do anymore unless she had surgery.

Determined to manage the problem, she met with several physiotherapists and was eventually introduced to Pilates! This was a magical key which unlocked a world of mobility and understanding of her body. By learning how to strengthen her muscles with correct form and alignment, she was finally liberated from the pain.

After having such a profound experience, she was inspired to share the benefits of the method and became a Stott Pilates Certified Instructor in 2015.

Her strength is improving people’s understanding of their bodies and making them realize that they can live a life without pain. She is passionate about helping her clients feel muscles in their body they didn’t know exist and most importantly how to translate the principles of Pilates into their daily lives, from simple activities such as sitting, standing or walking or more complex activities such as playing a sport.

Her classes are designed to make you sweat and shake! When she’s not yelling out “Give me 5 more reps!” you will find her camping in the desert or looking for the newest restaurant or specialty coffee in town.

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