During childhood and growing up was a very active skinny child, with a lot of sports hobbies, mainly playing tennis on a daily basis, as a result of which I developed scoliosis.

Developing scoliosis and a couple of hospital visits put me on a path of a strict exercise regime and actually was my first introduction to some modified archival Pilates equipment and exercise routine, that I fell in love with.

Actively started practicing 6years ago within a Romanas Pilates community, and continued my education between Dubai and Europe.

The accidental discovery of Pilates Academy Dubai and Cloe Sommadosi expanded my horizon and teaching, and I found great interest in contemporary Pilates that I tend to pursue.

A strong believer in core strength development and diastasic recovery, as after hard work, the mine closed 8 months postpartum.
Proud mum of a 2year old toddler.

A horrible cliche but I really love it when I receive messages from my clients saying that their diastasic closed or they are pain-free, that happiness is what it’s all about, what pilates is.

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